the results

Friday evening we received the results from the CT scan. It’s good! There were two things we were watching for- 1) the bones of the skull being fused together and 2) a malformation of the temporal bone. He does have an extra bone in his skull which would explain the lack of a soft spot but none of the bones were fused together! Praise God! Also, his temporal bone is in perfect condition meaning the hearing loss is not related to that. We will be doing genetic testing soon. Regardless of the cause, a hearing aid is still our answer for the solution. Thank you for your prayers. I am very thankful we are not scheduling a surgery at this point.

We enjoyed 2 nights with our neighbor from Woodway. Steve came up for a medical missions conference so he was gone for most of the day, but we kept him up late at night talking. It was so wonderful to have him. It was like a piece of home. We only wish the rest of the family had come with him.

Also, we put our van to the test pretty quickly. My grandfather got really sick and wasn’t expected to make it this long. I drove down to Oklahoma during the night Saturday night. We arrived safely. He is still with us so I’m not sure how long our stay will be. We had to leave Mark at home because it is the end of the semester and he is already behind because of our previous providential interruptions. We hope to return home soon.



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