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We aren’t really Halloween people. Definitely not in the sense of decorating with skeletons or witches or anything scary. Karston and Kyrie would have never known that Halloween came and went but….. As their imaginations have grown they have been pretending to be so many things. I’ve been wanting to make them a whole list of costumes, but it just never gets up to the top of the list. Well, I decided the night before Halloween that this would be a good time to stop and make them a couple. So here are Thing 1 and Thing 2.














We just visited a handful of our neighbors and got more than enough candy. Kyrie started getting the hang of it- she would just reach out for the candy. However I don’t think they really understood it because the next day Karston  asked, “Can we go get some more candy from peoples’ houses?” Really what are we teaching our children?

And that night Mark thought I should have made Kanon a Thing 3 costume, but he got to where his pumpkin hat and ride in the sling.



* We had an Ear/Nose/Throat appt yesterday. We really didn’t find out much. He just wants a CT scan done. So we are combining that one with the one the neurologist wants of the skull. He has to be sedated for it which is making me really nervous. It will be one Tuesday. So any prayers said for us would be much appreciated.



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2 responses to “my things

  1. Crystal

    LOVE the costumes!! That turned out SO stinking cute! How fun. I will be praying for Tuesday. Let me know how it goes. Love~!

  2. Angela

    Hi meagan, you have got to be one of the most creative people I know! How Cute!! I hope to talk to you soon!

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