a day my heart needed

We had a wonderful day! After a couple of really hard days, it was just what I needed. Early this morning it looked like today would be like the past two- raining and cold. But lo and behold the sun came out! Oh, I was so excited. (I really need the sun. I get headaches without it. Seriously.) Everyone got dressed, and we walked to one of the parks near us. It was so wonderful to get out and walk and spend time with Karston and Kyrie. We had races on the soccer field, played on the playground, walked on the trail, and collected leaves. I purposefully didn’t take my camera so that I could soak up every moment of it. I did however take a picture of our loot when we got home.

fall leaves

Beautiful fall leaves. They were intended for a couple of art projects but were dumped out by a couple of  little people so I guess we’ll be leaf collecting again soon. The trees are really so pretty here. The colors are much richer than they are in Texas. It’s fun to have a real fall. I still think summer is my favorite, but fall sure is making it up the list.

When we returned home, we had some lunch and then spent the rest of the day outside. There weren’t even naps. Karston and Kyrie played in their favorite dirt spot.
Karston and Kyrie


I did some drawing, painting, and sewing. It was so good for my soul. And Kanon, well, he just looked cute all day in his green plaid pants.



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  1. Crystal

    Did you make those pants for him? 🙂

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