We are so glad to be home. We were discharged last night and very eagerly headed home where we belong. I’ll try to give the best update possible….there have been so many pokes, sticks, swabs, x-rays and other things it is hard to remember everything. I also feel this is just the beginning for us. It turned out Kanon had/has viral meningitis which is the one you want to have if you have to have it. That does mean that the IV that they stuck into his tiny vein and the 36 hours of antibiotics were for nothing. (that was just in case it turned out to be bacterial) So we were sent home to finish fighting the virus at home. While we were there the doctors were a little concerned about his skull- 1. his soft spot is really small and 2. the overall shape of it…..had them concerned that the bones are fusing together too quickly which would not allow the brain to grow. The initial x-rays showed nothing has fused together yet. We will be scheduling a CT scan to further investigate this issue. We also retested his hearing while we were there. He had failed his left ear hearing screening at birth plus bacterial meningitis can cause hearing loss (we hadn’t found out it was viral at the time). After 3 1/2 hours of hearing tests it was confirmed that he does have permanent hearing loss in his left ear. It is not correctable by surgery or medication. A hearing aid is our only option; so we will be making hearing aid fitting appts, ENT (ear nose and throat) Dr appts, and follow up audiology appts. This will consist of more tests, labs, and another CT scan. And then, because of these two things and the fact that he has a heart murmur, we are to meet with a genetics doctor to see if something genetic is going on or if all these things are related and if we should be looking for something else. So that is why I say I feel this is just the beginning. I feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of doctor appointments. It’s been a whirlwind of activity and emotion so I’m not really feeling much right now….just a must do this, need to do that mentality.  But we are resting in Christ. Our church is bringing us meals. Our church in Texas sent us a sweet care package. My sister-in-law is flying up tonight to stay for the weekend. We are being taken care of. We take comfort that it is for our good and for His glory.


I still, at times,  just want to sew, paint, do laundry, decorate, bake, do the dishes, run around with my kids like none of this is happening. I will still do those things in between the doctors appointments. I have to. After a short 18 hours into my hospital stay I was really wondering how Ashley’s mom did it. I have been praying for her since I was pregnant with Karston. I didn’t know how she did it before, and I really don’t now.



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3 responses to “home

  1. I am so glad you are home from the hospital and get to be together as a family. We will continue to be praying for Kanon.

  2. Crystal Rains

    Thanks for the update, friend. It looks like a long road ahead, but praise God for what you said: for our good and for His glory. Doesn’t that assurance make it all ok. I love you and am praying for all of you. A car would be nice too to get to all these appts.

    Will call you next week sometime.

  3. Thanks for the update – it helps to know what to specifically pray for. Sending you an e-hug….

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