{pink week} our wooden family

I think this one is my favorite. Here is what these little wooden people looked like before. And here is what they look like painted as our family.





and a special message on the bottoms.




I had so much fun painting these. I was very focused on being happy with how they turned out instead of repainting them 500 times each. And I really do like them. It is usually a struggle for me to stay simple and not become very detailed in my paintings…and drawings….and a lot of other things. Karston’s shorts are based off his favorite pair in real life that I made out of Mark’s old shirt. The crown was originally on the front of the shirt but is now a back pocket. All the other clothes are just similar to clothes that we each wear. I think I need to order and paint another set for Karston- they BOTH love them.


* I ordered the unpainted wooden dolls from etsy shop Goose Grease Undone which put together a custom listing to match our family.



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2 responses to “{pink week} our wooden family

  1. Crystal Rains

    Amazing!!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. 🙂 Maybe you should see how my renditionof our family would turn out to realize how TRULY talented you are! 🙂 I bet they love to play “house” with them. Love!

  2. Becca

    SOOO adorable!!! Love It! And so glad you are using the talent that you oh so have!!! Kyrie is going to hold on to those forever!!! So memorable!
    Love you girly and miss ya!

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