{pink week} the cake

Kyrie requested a “pink dirl” cake (she can’t say the “k” or “g” sound) for her birthday. I immediately thought of the barbie cakes where her dress is the skirt and this momma was so excited. I went to one of the bakeries down the street from us to see if they make them. They did. They even had one waiting to be picked up that I got to look at. They did a good job, and I was going to order one so that would be one less thing for me to do. However, when I went home I started to get really sad that I would not be making it. It wouldn’t mean as much. And that would be my first birthday cake not to make. So I decided to make it. I am no baker (that is my sister). And a few times during the process I wondered if she would get her girl cake. The plans changed along the way. Not as many dress designs got put on. But in the end Kyrie had her homemade pink girl cake. She loved it. And I was so happy I made it. 








It was also delicious!



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2 responses to “{pink week} the cake

  1. Crystal Rains

    SERIOUSLY?! You have got to open your own shop!


    Dear Maegan, What a cake, and what a dirl you have there. You made it wonderful, Kyrie was sooo
    pleased. A writer, a pastry chef, a photographer plus a wonderful mommy and wife, last but not least. Love you forever, Grandma M. P.S. The painted people are exactly the Keaton family. What a great idea. Hey, am artist too, didn’t forget just got side tracked. God really filled you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes with talent. So lovely, he made you. Love you Grandma M.

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