{pink week} the doll cradle

Baby dolls definitely need their own place to sleep. I thought it would be really special if Kyrie had my doll cradle from when I was a girl. So while we were in Longview my mom got it down from the basement. I was waiting for a special time to give it to her. I just had to grab some foam for a mattress then I use fabric I already had for the bedding. I used an unused piece of Amy Butler fabric for the sheet and then scraps to make the quilt/blanket and pillow trim. I then cut and ironed on a flower from a scrap on Heather Bailey fabric from Kyrie’s crib bedding for the doll pillow. The bedding is so fresh; I think it makes the cradle breath new life.



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One response to “{pink week} the doll cradle

  1. Crystal Rains

    I have been thinking Selah would love a place to put her babies to sleep too. What a sweet, beautiful idea you had!!

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