{pink week} the bell

We had a wonderful time with Kyrie’s birthday. Mark’s dad flew in for the weekend so it ended up being a whole weekend bash instead of just a day. From the zoo to Target where they got to pick out anything and everything they wanted to the sushi dinner (they love sushi) on Saturday night to another great lunch on Sunday followed by even more presents, it was just a blast! I thought I would take this week and share a little something from her birthday each day. So it’s pink week. Pink is her favorite color, and everything I’m going to share will either be all pink or have at least a little pink in it. I hope you like the color pink!

pink tricycle


This is the only gift that we bought (not made) for her. Nothing but a pink glittery tricycle for the princess. The tricycle really isn’t what I wanted to show you. It’s the bell. It did look like this.



It was covered with an advertisement from the store it came from. But a couple of stickers, a butterfly cut out, some glitter, and a little glossy accent turned it into this.


butterfly bell


Way better, right? Now she has a princess tricycle and a princess bell because, really, what’s a tricycle without a bell?


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