So my word for the year was/is “order.” I really wanted to focus on order in all areas of our life. I wanted to learn all I could to create order in our home so that we may always have it filled with company. I wanted to have my time in order so that gifts may be given on time or school time would get done or so I could get all those crafty projects done that I want to do. Order so that I may spend the most time possible with my husband and children. We as Christians should always be striving, by God’s grace, to overcome and put to death sin. It is more than one sin that causes me to not have order. And while I can see so much progress, I also see there is so much further to go than I thought. Oh, how that always seems to happen- our sin runs so much deeper than we know. But the more I realize just how deep that sin goes, the more I realize just how much bigger is the love that God gave us through Christ and how much I need Him.


Well, that is totally not what I was intending for this post, but on I went. But that’s ok, I always need to preach the gospel to myself. It never gets old. The original intent of this post was to share with you one of the things that was on my list in order to get in order. It is really small. It was actually my sister-in-law’s Christmas present. And before you think that I am just now giving it to her, or that I am that far behind on gifts, let me explain. I made these for my sister and sisters-in-law for her birthday and Christmas respectively. However, when it came time to mail one of them it was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere….for months. Then I waited because I thought for sure it would show up while we were packing for the big move. It didn’t. Then I thought maybe while we unpack. But it didn’t. So I needed to make another one. Originally I had built the little journals from scratch. This time I opted to cover a composition notebook. I love the result! So ten months after Christmas she now has her gift!

notebook(sorry it’s blurry)


Just to note: I am not that far behind in gift giving. The thing with working on order this year is that I have to stay on top of this year while also playing catch up. I think Christmas this year will be the true test of progress!


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