Battery Charged Blue

During some really bad swelling in pregnancy, I had said I would post some of the projects that I/we had done. The plan was to do that during my “elevate my legs” time. However, I think that happened one day. Really, what was I thinking. Elevate my legs? yeah right.  Anyways, this isn’t a big project at all, you may not even call it a project, but here it is.

art books

Such a quick little craft. I picked up Crayola drawing pads for $1.99, then let Kyrie and Karston pick the paper (out of my stash) they wanted on the cover. I printed out the little labels, picked out a coordinating paper, and then used spray adhesive to adhere each layer on top of the other. They love their art books.

Kyrie was the inspiration for this project. She loves to draw. I cannot get out a piece of paper to make a list without her asking to draw. Oh, and really anything is considered a blank canvas whether it’s a wall or your leg. So to cut down on all the single papers piling up, and to rein in her creativeness to more conventional surfaces, I made these books. And it worked. Until last week when Kyrie decided to color herself Battery Charged Blue.

blue leg

blue all over



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2 responses to “Battery Charged Blue

  1. Hehe, what a pretty color! My youngest sister ALWAYS did this kind of stuff, with markers, pens, make-up….she’s now an art major.

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