Fall Arrived

Fall arrived Monday morning, and we greeted it with breakfast on the back porch.


Yes, it was FREEZING! (even more so on Tuesday) It felt like winter in Texas. Note to self – we need new clothes. But we greeted it with open arms. I think we would have welcomed anything other than rain; that’s all we had last week. Constant rain. So we were stuck in the house all week. We wouldn’t normally mind being stuck at home. We like being home. But so much of our living is done outdoors. And so by Friday we were all a little stir crazy. (We couldn’t/can’t go anywhere because our car has yet to sell, and it won’t fit 3 carseats!) So we finally just walked in the rain. One walk for the sake of walking and another one to Walgreen’s to get milk and the cupcake shoppe for a cupcake of course. It’s amazing what a cupcake can do! So welcome Fall. Please come and stay a while. Just try to not bring as much rain as Summer did.


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