12 days


It’s just a little less than two weeks since he’s been here with us, and we already love him so much. I’m loving all the snuggling, the warm body sleeping by me at night, the new baby smell (one of the best), and just all the loving that is going on in our house. Kanon has been a pro at nursing from the get go, he’s a great sleeper, and he tolerates all the hugs and kisses from his big brother and sister just beautifully. I think Karston is the one who gives him the most kisses. He always wants to know, “Where’s Kanon?” or “Is Kanon okay?” or “Can I go check on Kanon?” He is such a good big brother. I knew he would do great. He did with Kyrie. He is such a sweet boy. Kyrie loves Kanon too, just much more loudly. She likes to squeal and sing and jump for him. She’s gotten a lot better at the whole gentle thing. She loves to cover him up or rub his head or tickle his feet. My favorite is when she rubs his head and then lays her head on his. There’s just a whole lotta lovin’ going on here all day. And even more when Daddy comes home!



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2 responses to “12 days

  1. Heidi Young

    What a beautiful baby! He is lucky to have such wonderful parents and such a great brother and sister. I wish I could see Karston and Kyrie with Kanon–I bet they are so cute! Love you all!

  2. Crystal Rains

    So glad to hear the days are going so well. Praise God for a happy healthy baby!!! Good to hear 3 is just as sweet too. 😉


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