Take a Seat!

There’s a really neat store in Waco, TX that I used to love to frequent. My first visit was when Karston was 2 weeks old, and I made several other trips there just looking for treasures. While we lived at TSTC, it was just a couple of exits up from where we lived so it was very accessible. Then they moved to downtown Waco, and I didn’t go as much. And to be quite honest I really liked the feel of the first store much better even though there were still great treasures to be found at the new location. Anyways….here is a chair that I picked up from the original location. It was seatless when I bought it, but I loved the lines of the chair. I could picture it in a clean, white laquered paint with a bright pink seat cushion sitting behind a white and very organized desk. But there is no white, organized desk and there was really no room for a chair anywhere. Especially when we moved to a different apartment down in Woodway, TX. So to storage it went. But it came with us to Kentucky because I still love it. And since there is still no white, organized desk and because the focus is on completion of projects, I left the paint job that was on there, Mark cut a seat of plywood for me, and I covered it in a canvas curtain panel that I had from one of our previous places of living. So here it is, sitting in the corner of our room.




Edited to add: The name of the store is Bloom & Bee Swanky. Go visit them if you’re in Waco!


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  1. Heidi Young

    Maegan, hey! I’ve missed you so much! Your mom was over at our house this weekend in Longview and she showed me your blog. I have spent so much time this morning reading all of your entries! I LOVE the pictures of Kyrie and Karston. They are so adorable and look so much like you and Mark. They remind me a lot of your pictures when you were their age, especially Kyrie. Hope all is well with you guys! Miss you and love you!

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