Cloth Napkins

Around our house we use cloth napkins. We have off and on since we got married but more so in the past year or so. Now I can’t really remember a time using disposable napkins. It’s less to buy and less trash. However, it just seemed overkill for the kids to have a full size napkin. I mean it’s like using a whole dress as a napkin. But they love picking out and using their own napkins. No sharing with mom or dad. It’s not like they add anything to the wash…I really don’t even notice them, but like I said the napkins are just overkill. So here’s some child size cloth napkins I whipped up to fix that problem.

children's cloth napkins


Oh, and for paper towels we use unpaper towels from etsy seller Athena Creates. As I went to get that link, I see she has changed the name to Bird-E Towels (TM). I think I may like them even more now. I highly recommend them.


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