Art Display Board

Since moving to Louisville I’ve been very motivated to finish several unfinished projects. I love projects! I love creating. My mind is always thinking of something new to create, and before I finish a project I’ve already started three more (or more)- which leaves a lot of unfinished projects. Most of them come close to 90% finished. So I was trying to get them all finished before our third baby arrives. I am thinking that is not going to happen. They are not all big projects either. Many of them are very quick and easy- just haven’t done them. Like I said it would be wonderful if all I did all day long was create and then everything would be finished, but in reality I knew I was just going to have to work and work to get as much finished as possible and then stop. There is still one fairly large project I would like to complete. Swollen, numb, and tingly legs have slowed me down a bit. They’ve never gotten this bad before. Just today I was wondering if it was really safe for me to be driving if I could not feel my legs. Probably not. So since I’m slowing down on completing the projects and having to elevate the legs more, I thought I’d post some of the completed projects. 

So here is the art display board.

art display board

I had been wanting to make one of these for a long time now. I was on the hunt for the perfect frame for such a long time, and then finally found it on a trip to Lawton, OK to visit my grandma. It was in the very back corner of an antique store. It was broken and didn’t have a price tag. I’m sure the man was wondering what I was going to use such an odd shaped, broken frame for when I asked how much it was. It was $5. And actually free to me because my grandma bought it for me! So back to Waco it came and sat. And sat. And then it got painted green because that’s what color Karston wanted it, and I like for my family members to have a say in how things are decorated. Especially something that is going to hold his artwork. But the plain green just wasn’t doing it, so I added some robin’s egg blue, and then some gold, and then some dark stain. And then I bought chicken wire to attach to the back- but the chicken wire never got attached. And then the wire got left in Waco when we moved. I really did like the frame, but once we were here I decided I wanted the kids’ artwork to be the focus and not the frame. So I painted it bright white. And liked it much better. Then not having any chicken wire and trying to finish projects using things I already had, I went to find wire. I did not have enough of one kind to finish the frame so I used two different kinds of wire. (normally that would not work with my personality, and I would stop the project until I had enough of one wire to complete it) But completion is what we are working for right now, right? So away I went stapling the wire to the back of the frame. I hung it the next day in a corner of our dining room. The kids love seeing their artwork displayed. Here’s a close up of their paintings.


The top right is Karston’s which is a painting of Uncle Trey’s truck (yes his truck is black). And while she was painting it Kyrie said hers was Nonna and Papa but now says it is a peacock after overhearing her daddy say that’s what it looked like.



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2 responses to “Art Display Board

  1. Tess

    That is beautiful. I will be stealing this idea! You are a great photographer too.

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