Photo Shoot

I love taking pictures. Especially of my children. We have thousands from the three year span that we’ve been parents. And I still don’t think we take enough. Ever since Karston was born I have loved doing little “photo shoots.” Nothing fancy just different than the everyday shots we regularly take. As time has past these little photo shoots have become more and more sparse, especially ones with just Kyrie. So a week ago, when we were all a little stir crazy (it rains A LOT here) + nothing was being accomplished at home + it had just stopped raining, I decided it was a great time to put Kyrie in the adorable linen outfit my mom bought her last year +head down the street and check out a house/garden + snap some pictures. It is often a struggle for me to remain calm throughout the photo shoot. I have so many pictures in my head, and they aren’t posed ones either, that it is hard for me when I don’t get it just right. So on this day, I went with no preconceived notions of what pictures I would get (which was good since the attitudes were not very good). However, I did not expect to have camera issues and became very frustrated…so I am planning on going back (it was beautiful) to grab some more shots. Even with the camera issues, I managed to get a good amount of pictures. I only have a few to share right now because my computer is goofing up and I can’t get my pictures to open. But here’s a few!









Kyrie(my favorite)

(so Kyrie)


KarstonAnd you have to have one of Karston!





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4 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. Awesome photos.

    You can never have to many pics of your children.
    What I have found helpful years down the road is to write the names of the people in the photos, and the date it was taken on someplace on the back of the pic.

    It will make things alot eaiser for others many years from now.


  2. Angela

    You are such a great photographer! I need some pointers! They pictures are adorable and you have such beautiful children! I miss you dear friend!

    • maemarie

      Thank you. I’ll have to think of some pointers. The only thing I can say now is “experiment”……that’s what I mainly do- change settings around, try different angles, that’s how I learn. I miss you too!

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