Things We Miss

Our friends

Our freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter (although we may have found a replacement this past week)

Hill Country Faire Honey Nut O cereal (stays crispier longer than Cheerio’s- just please don’t look at the sodium content)

HEB Texas shaped tortilla chips (and no it’s not just the shape we miss (although Texas does have a much better shape than Kentucky) they are saltier)

HEB in general (the balloons, suckers, and buddy bucks for the kids; the double seated shopping cart for me)

Leal’s (Mexican restaurant that was around the corner from our home in Woodway. They have the best breakfast tacos.)

I don’t think it’s because I’m pregnant that all we seem to miss is food, but I’m sure it doesn’t help. Really that first line is what we miss the most. Our friends. And what that means. The food shared. The crafting together. The park outings. The conversation. The encouraging. The edifying. The help. The laughs. The cries. The ease. While we have met several families here that are so sweet and, I’m sure, will be great friends in time, we miss all the things about our Waco friends. Our friendships have not ended but, they have changed. We miss the Jespersens coming over on Thursdays. I miss Monthly Mom’s Night discussions over coffee with some of the most amazing women I know. We miss the Martins- walking down to their house anytime we wanted. Playing with their train table and tricycles even after we got our own. All the meals eaten at that house. I miss having Alissa come and help me do whatever I needed. I miss talking crafts and creating with Diane. And Stacy giving me sewing tips and teaching me to smock. We miss our church. Mr. Brent and Mrs. Lisa’s ranch with Clark the donkey. And we miss our Sundays with the Gunns. Either at the park or their house.

We look forward to all the new relationships we have to form. It takes time, and I’m sure in just a short while we will be saying these things about more friends. Friends here. But I haven’t decided which saddens me more: missing our friends now, or having a Sunday pass where we don’t have the thought, “wanna call the Gunns and go to the park?” I don’t ever want to forget our friends and the time we had with them. They are so very special.


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  1. Meagan,
    We miss you guys to! And you don’t know the times I have been like… I’m bored, I wish Meagan and Mark where here so I could go help Meagan and play with the kids! I miss you guys 2!

    Love Alissa

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