I have a tendency to put too much on my to do list. I guess I am not a very good judge of time/time it takes to finish something. So last week I thought I was being very realistic with what I wanted to accomplish for the week. I thought I had made a bare minimum of a list, but I thought that would be good because then I could complete my list. Boy was I wrong! I barely completed ONE thing on my list. Now mind you this was a “somewhat big” project list so it wasn’t things like “wash the dishes” or “do a load of laundry.” However, I think I am still a little amazed at just how much I misjudged what is doable for a week. So instead of moving on to the projects that I thought I would be working on this week, I am finishing up last week’s list with a much smaller goal to move on to IF I finish last week’s list.


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