Dream Sweetly


I’ve always wondered what my children are dreaming about. As a newborn before they really “see” anything, then a little older. Is it family? Or animals? Or the books we’ve read? Upon waking I’ve always asked Karston and Kyrie, “Did you have good dreams?” Kyrie is still in the “uh huh” or “yes” or a shake of the head stage. Karston has been through that and then through the “bugs” answer. Everyday that was his answer. Bugs. Really? I wasn’t sure if he really did dream about bugs or not. How was he supposed to answer? I mean, how do you even learn what a dream is? And if you don’t know what it is, how do you answer? We would try our best to explain dreaming, but the answer remained bugs. Well, lately we’ve gotten some different answers. Last night he dreamed “about a chicken that got hurt sleeping in a bed. There were two other chickens, but they didn’t get hurt because they were sleeping in a crib. But the mama was sleeping on a very high bed that was broken, and she got hurt.” Oh, how I love hearing about his dreams. I wish I could see them. See what his mind sees. His dreams are growing right along with his wonderful imagination. I can’t wait until he rushes to draw them for me before they flee his mind. Because you know how quickly dreams leave. Dream sweetly my dear children. I want to hear all about them.


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    Dearest Maegan, I am in awe or your wonderful ability to write. You write elegantly, filled with spirit, sweetness, mind power, one can completely
    feel being in the present tense of the situation. Please as you continue, think about writing as an extra-curricular career. I know your family is first, but you are advanced in word usage. So happy about the news that the meningitis was the viral form, sorry to hear the once again confirmation that he has no hearing on one side, but that can be
    corrected. I know the expense of hearing equipment, maybe there will be an organization that could help with that. Becky Harwood in Miami your mother’s cousin on her Dad’s family side young daughter Sierra has scoliosis of the spine, her dad is 100% disabled and the Shriner’s organization paid for her operation in St. Louis. I am not sure how they applied for help however. I am anxious to hear about the results of the Films of Kannon head structure. I am praying all is just fine. I hear from your mom that your church family has been generous with food and a gift box. You have been blessed. Your mom mentioned, even though it was a close call with the meningits results, but Kannon’s head structure may have been found out too late for help if needed, God is in control through all trials. It is now about 5:30 am and I could not sleep at all, I will be tired by noon today, but I have read and relaxed thru the night. I know Karston, Kyrie and Mark are happy to have the family back together. I hear that one of Mark’s sisters might come to help for a while. Well I will close. I will wait anxiously for your first published and illustrated book exclusively by Maegan M Miller Keaton. Love you, grandma M.

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