She’s doing it

all by herself. Potty training that is. Kyrie has been more than ready to potty train for SEVERAL months now. She would always tell me when she needed to go and then run to the potty. She loved to sit on the potty and then wipe. She only went once though as it was just more of a fun thing to do. I wasn’t ready…..I had morning sickness and packing, and then we were on hiatus in Longview with no normal schedule or living situation and now we’re here in Louisville and things haven’t gotten completely settled. So I was planning on waiting. I was thinking in the next couple of weeks we could do it- thoughts being that we would be more settled + it would give us a little time before the baby arrives and life changes once again. But Kyrie had different plans and decided that today she would start going on the potty. I’m so happy for her. She went SO many times today and loved wearing her princess panties.



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2 responses to “She’s doing it

  1. Amy Sikes

    Wow! I can’t believe she is big enough for that! When is the baby due? Name/sex a secret?

  2. maemarie

    I can’t believe it either! Good questions- no secret…I’ll answer in a post.

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