Mystery Mower

We are currently renting a house while here in Louisville. The Lord was so gracious in providing this house for us. While it is not ours it feels so good to be in a house. Good to be out of an apartment/duplex. Thankful I don’t know when my neighbor is going to the bathroom + taking a shower. However, we now have a lawn to care for. I’m not complaining. It’s a very tiny yard. But there’s one small problem- we don’t own a lawnmower. While we planned/still plan to get a lawnmower, the expenses of the move have proved to be more than expected. So until we get one we have been those people who never care for their yard- the street’s disgrace. Well the day before yesterday somebody mowed about five rows into our front yard. I was so very thankful but a bit puzzled as to why they only mowed five rows. Was it 1) our grass/weeds were so tall we broke their lawnmower or 2) they just wanted us to see the difference between a well kept yard and one that’s not therefore guilting us into mowing the rest. Whatever the case, I was glad we had five rows mowed. Then last night we returned home to find that the rest of our yard had been mowed for us. Praise God! Although today I did find out that it was our neighbors, I cannot see how this is anything other than His doing- caring for our yard we when don’t have the means. If he cuts our grass, how much more is He taking care of? Oh, we should never doubt the goodness and provision the Lord gives to His own.


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