Fun Fourth

Despite miscommunication and a little boy who did not wake up very happy, we were determined to have a fun filled day Saturday. And I think we did. I am glad we did not let bad attitudes determine our day. For starters, we decided to check out a festival that was just a mile or so down the road. There were rows of tents with all sorts of vendors- woodworking, glassblowing, pottery, painting, photography, jewelry, clothes, soaps….and more. I really did want to stop and look at more, but we mainly just walked up and down the rows of tents glancing in at the booths. My two children never really are in the mood to let their mother do some leisurely shopping. But that’s ok.

fourth festival

After making our way over all the tree roots + water hoses that were all over the paths between the booths, we headed to the kids section. Where Karston immediately wanted to go down the big inflatable slide that he told Kyrie was like the one at her birthday (which it was).  We were a little hesitant, at least I was, Karston always likes looking at these things but not actually jumping on them. But we let him go. And he did it!

Karston climbing slide

Karston sliding

Huge! This was a big accomplishment. And not once did he slide down that slide- but three times! I was so happy for him. He had so much fun and from then on called the whole event Jumping Party- which is actually a building in Waco that is filled with inflatables including a slide like the one he went down. We then decided to treat ourselves to the wonderful grease and sugar that is a funnel cake.

funnel cake

kyrie eating cake

karston eating sugarCan you tell we enjoyed it?


We also watched an old car parade led by this old fire engine.


old fire engine


After naps there was some baking.

karston stirring

kyrie stirring


And after dinner some decorating.



We ended the night with the best firework display mommy and daddy had ever seen. And we told our children how good of a show it was- that they were being spoiled- and if they ever went back to Longview or Waco they would definitely be let down. And ask, “Is that all?” I think they enjoyed it more after we told them that. It really was incredible. Kyrie kept saying, “huge!” And they were. Did you know Louisville has the biggest/best firework display in North America? But it’s not for the Fourth of July. It’s to set of the two weeks of festivities leading up to the Kentucky Derby of course.










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One response to “Fun Fourth

  1. Michelle Lassiter

    Loved reading everything and looking at the adorable pictures on your blog!

    Your family is in my prayers!

    Hope that everything calms down soon and the baby comes easyily.

    God bless ya’ll!

    Love in Christ,

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