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Happy Anniversary

Horse and Carriage


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My dearest beloved, four years ago today we were in full swing of all our wedding activities. I can still remember what I was doing at this exact time- getting my hair done (and catching a quick nap in the process). Then I was off to another salon to fix my damaged nail. Of all the nails- my ring finger nail. The memories are still so crisp in my mind. It’s so fun to think back to that day. Our life feels so quick, I’m not often allowed time to relish in those memories. We have done so much and been so many places in these four years. Our third baby continues to grow inside of me. Counting our initial move in together, we have moved six times. We are now living in a new state with no friends or family yet. We are starting a new school. It’s been exciting. And so comforting to know that the Lord knew every single thing we would do. Have we not seen His hand so lovingly caring for us the whole way? And He knows exactly what adventures there are to come. I can’t wait to travel them with you. I love you more than I’ll ever be able to say.


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