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The much anticipated package arrived.

Karston opening G&G

Grabber and Gripper from Bob the Builder was delivered this morning via the mailman. Karston was so excited. He knew exactly what was in that package. He has been waiting- long. A late birthday present from his Doc (grandpa) that traveled here all the way from England. Doc loves Karston so much. Karston played with them ALL day long. This mommy got so much done! 

cleaning carcleaning out the car

(including washing floor mats and car seat covers)


weedingweeding the flower bed and concrete cracks


laundrya couple loads of laundry




wacom drawinghaving fun drawing on my Wacom that I got for my birthday back in February but have yet to use due to morning sickness/moving. lots of fun just goofing off


We also received another package from the Fed Ex man (aren’t packages great!) full of shoes for Karston and Kyrie to grow into bought by their Nonna. 

Mark got all his books unpacked!!! If  you’ve seen how many books we have then you know what a big task that is. His office is now in more of a state inductive to thinking clearly.

He also hung the kids’ chalkboard and book rack for me. And moved some shelves into the dining room. 

I don’t think I can remember I day when I got so much accomplished. Not without babysitters, kids’ friends over, or while on caffeine anyways. And yes, I say on caffeine because it does something because it is a drug. You should see how it alters my day. I feel like superwoman when “on” it. It’s just coffee though; I’ve never noticed caffeine in sodas or anything else having any effect on me. And I only started to like coffee while pregnant with Kyrie….always iced. Since then I have also begun to drink it hot. It is not an everyday thing for me. Yet. Maybe I should. Just think of what I could get done. I just praise God for the productive day He gave us. It was all by His grace. 




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