We’re not in Texas anymore

For two and half weeks now we have not seen that great state of Texas. We are trying to set life up in Louisville, KY (which is beautiful). It’s been a whirlwind of a two weeks. Actually I feel it’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. I am also pregnant and have been since the beginning of January, so up until the point that we left Waco I was soooo sick. Looking back I am amazed we even got out of there. It is completely by God’s grace that everything got packed and moved. We had some very special friends who helped us, otherwise I think half our stuff would still be in Waco. We then spent over a month in Longview. It was good to see family, but it was very hard not being on a schedule and not living in our own surroundings. We then moved up here to Louisville into a cute little rent house (that we had not seen until we moved here). The Lord always provides for His children! We absolutely love the area of town we live in. It’s such a lovely place. And we are able to walk to a lot of places; it reminded us of when we lived in Austin. We have a lot of exploring to do; a bunch of local places I want to check out. However, there is much to be done at the house. I can’t find my measuring cups! And I’m not able to lift the heavy boxes so I have to wait for Mark’s few minutes here few minutes there to do the stuff I can’t- which the list just seems to get longer and longer. But we are both determined to get this place in order. We have enough room here that we are without excuse. Well, I plan to start posting regularly again. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that we are safely here. Thank you for your prayers sweet friends.


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