Crazy Kind of Busy

Wow, were the holidays busy! I have been busy many times and most of my life, but I’m almost certain this past holiday season was the busiest I have ever been. And you know the funny thing? I did so much preparation before it all started just to prevent such a thing. There was a lot of goodness in that busyness though. Lots of family members that we hadn’t seen in a while and were missing. Having a quiet, relaxing Christmas morning and day on our own. Friends getting married. And whenever I thought I could not drive another minute I would just think about next Christmas when we will (Lord willing) be in Kentucky with no family close by and an unknown number of friends and possibly nothing on our calendar, and it would make me want to soak up every moment of this Christmas because they will both be sweet and good but look very different. What we are celebrating will still be the same- Christ coming down to live among us- lowering himself to become a man- yet fully God- for us- His people-  Amazing! Isn’t it! Doesn’t it just bring tears to your eyes?! Oh, it does mine because I know how undeserving I am. Praise God!

And now for a few pictures from our holiday festivities. We drove up to Longview the week before Christmas because Mark and I were both in a wedding. (note to self to NEVER BOTH be in a wedding again) Although the kids behaved beautifully, and I could not have asked for better children that day. We also worked on our play kitchen that we were building for Karston and Kyrie while in Longview. My parents have a shop and more tools than we do so we decided to use it to our advantage. Then we drove back to Waco on the 23rd, spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at home, and then drove back to Longview to see my parents (they had been in Florida) and my sister that I had not seen since the summer! Then we drove back to Waco on a Sunday night and made a day trip to Austin on Monday to see Mark’s mom. We are so glad to be home and settling back into a routine. I am still on the hunt for toy storage. We got SO many!


Karston and Kyrie

Playing behind a door at the wedding


Me and Kyrie

Me and my sweet girl


Mark building

Mark building the play kitchen


gingerbread house

The gingerbread house that the kids and I tried to make while Mark was in the shop building the kitchen. We went for the $9 kit at Wal-Mart.  Next year we will be using our Williams Sonoma gingerbread house/man/tree cookie cutters to make one from scratch. 


Karston eating candyKyrie eating candy

Karston and Kyrie still enjoyed eating the candy from the gingerbread house (even though it was disgusting!).


Christmas cookiesKyrieChristmas cookies

Making and eating Christmas cookies.


Kyrie on Christmas

And this is what our sweet little girl did on Christmas morning: sat and ate the yogurt melts out of her stocking and did not open any of her presents (well 1/2 of one). She has her priorities!

Karston opening present

We slowly opened all our gifts. Karston would want to stop and play with each one before opening another. Plus, he had extras to open: all those ones Kyrie didn’t open.



Kyrie in hat

Kryie on Christmas day holding as ornament.

I should be getting back into a somewhat normal blogging routine. I’ve got even more pictures to show you. And I promise a “tour” of our play kitchen once everything is completed (there are little details that we didn’t get finished).


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