Makes Me Happy Monday

Our Christmas decorations.

We put our Christmas tree up last Wednesday. Actually, it is not our tree; we don’t have a tree. So I went out Christmas tree price shopping last Monday, and while I was at the second store a friend called and upon telling her what I was doing she replied, “We have an extra one you could borrow.” The Lord always provides! Even beyond our needs! So with a Christmas tree we needed some ornaments. We picked up some wooden snowflakes which we painted and glittered, some stars, and some paper  drop balls. I also made a fabric/ribbon garland. I am totally loving it. I’m also loving that I’m using up a bunch of scrap by making it. Right now it has a few ribbons then some space…then some more ribbons. I plan on making it continuous at some point.

Our Christmas Tree


Ribbon garland

snowflake ornament

And Karston apparently thought the ornaments looked better in pairs.

drop ball ornaments

star ornaments

We got our tree topper a few days later. Karston and Daddy had the honor of putting that on. I’ll have to show you that picture later. It hasn’t gotten uploaded yet!


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