Happy Birthday Calli!

Today is my sister’s 21st birthday. We are very different people so there were many arguments growing up, but there were also many good times. We used to love wearing matching outfits that our mom or grandma would make us….and some that were store bought. We used to play house ALL the time.  We both love to create stuff, although we have two very unique styles. She definitely loves being creative in the cooking/baking area hence pastry school. We have loved seeing all of her creations since pastry school, and I’m sure they taste much better than the concoctions she used to make us when she was little (I did like her bread with butter and sprinkles). But we are ready for her to be finished. We miss her! We love you Calli and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Here’s a peek into her package. This apron I sent her was actually her Christmas present last year! I gave it to her and then had to ask for it back so I could fix it. It’s a good thing she loves me since it’s almost been a whole year from when I originally gave it to her.

Calli's apron

back of apron

And here’s a little notebook that I made for her. I love how it turned out. This is what I’m going to make my sisters-in law for Christmas, and maybe after the holidays I’ll make one for myself.

Calli's notebook

I also sent her a picture frame with a painting Karston made for her. I had intended to put a picture of Karston and Kyrie in the frame. However, we didn’t even get one picture of them both looking at the camera. We did get two really cute individual pictures. These are for you Calli.





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