A few weeks ago I invited a friend over to make something crafty. She found this cute (and FREE!) project from Heidi Swapp. Now she is a really creative person, and I knew that I didn’t even have products to compare to hers…but I thought I would be able to supply any products needed for this (except the corner rounder). Well, she came, and I didn’t even have a glue stick to offer her. Can you believe it, I had no adhesive! I was totally embarrassed, but anyways. We had a lot of fun. We got all of our cutting done and ready to adhere on our individual time. And despite the urge to run out and get some black and white paper for my album since I had none, I resisted (I did buy glue sticks though). And through that resisting I came up with this. FREE! black and white paper!!! I was so excited and so proud of myself for being resourceful. It was originally meant for wrapping paper, but you could really use it for anything. I’m sure I’ll use it again in the future. I ended up using the Fancy Cummerbund for the inside and outside spine of my album, and the Graphic paper for the inside covers. Here is the finished product. 

Gratitude Album

inside of album

inside cover of album


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  1. diane reeves

    This turned out so cute! Way to be industrious!

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