Makes Me Happy Monday

Picking up the rest of my 50% off fabric (from last Monday) that was supposed to take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but came in four days! Praise God I didn’t pay $9 to get it shipped in 3-5 days even though I really wanted to. I knew there was no way I would finish the project in 2 weeks anyways. I’ll let you know what the project is as soon as I’m finished. 

I’m also super excited as I look over these cute kitchen accessories. 

They are miniature. And I am so excited about our project of building Karston and Kyrie a play kitchen. One that is made how we like it. Wooden and NOT plastic! One that is made with love. One that has a story. And now, we have a friendly competition with some friends of ours. It was such fun going to IKEA together and picking out accessories to go in our kitchens. We went with the intent of building this play kitchen. I know! Is that not the cutest play kitchen or what. However, upon arrival we found that it was much smaller than we had imagined. Still love the idea, but now we are building the wooden part all ourselves to our own specifications. I can’t wait to see how each of ours turns out.


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