Makes Me Happy Monday


The view of the lake from a corner stop on our walk. We always stop to look at this for a little bit before continuing our walk. I am so happy with where we are living right now. So happy for this view. So happy for our neighbors. And SO happy for no mold. And the reason the picture is a little cloudy is because it is raining off and on today. I honestly can’t remember the last time it rained. It didn’t even rain when Hurricane Ike hit. 

We have a very busy week ahead of us. I am so excited. Kyrie’s first birthday is on Saturday. I was sewing some items to sell, but I have put a hold on that while we focus on Kyrie’s birthday this week. We have our weekly visit by our friends on Thursday afternoon, an overnight stay by my college roommate (I haven’t seen her since before I was pregnant with Kyrie) on Thursday night, Mark’s dad on Friday night and Saturday day, my parents on Saturday evening and night, and Kyrie’s party! Sounds like fun!


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