We went and got drinks at Sonic. Used a gift card to get dinner at Chili’s. Went to the park to eat and play.

Now this park is old and very unsafe. There is one big slide, four swings, and one climbing apparatus. Needless to say I don’t think very many people ever go there. Which is precisely why we went there. We had such a good time.







That last picture is Mark giving a family a little peace and a good time. There was ONE other family there. Three of the siblings were bickering while the mom walked laps with the baby; the youngest girl was crying because the swings were so twisted they were too high for her; the brother tried to fix one; the mom got mad that the brother tried to fix the wrong one….not very fun to listen to. So Mark thought that if he could fix the swings, climbing up there would be worth it. As we were on the slide, we could hear the entire family laughing together as the mom had stopped walking and was swinging with her children. It was music to my ears and made my heart smile. It was because of that “simple” task of fixing those swings that that family was given happy time together. I was so very thankful. I love this man.


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