Picking Pumpkins

We got out our fall decorations this morning. F-A-L-L letters; a wire pumpkin; a wooden pumpkin; a brown pitcher with red leaves tied around it; wooden acorns. We also have a jar of acorns that we’ve been collecting on our walks or wherever we’re at. But we were missing real pumpkins. I wanted to grow some this year. I remember growing pumpkins in 5th grade. It was so much fun keep track of the weather and when + how much we watered them and protecting them from the frost. But we missed planting time. And we don’t have a yard, so I’m not sure if they can even be planted in containers or not. So off to HEB we went to pick out some pumpkins!





Can you tell how happy she is?



We had so much fun! We now have one big pumpkin, two medium ones, and a bag of tiny ones which Karston and Kyrie have been playing with.


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