Makes Me Happy Monday

posted on Tuesday! Well, I had several things that made me happy yesterday. Last week was one of those weeks hence no posts. So I feel like I have accomplished so much in the past two days. Thanks be to God for a new week! So back to what made me happy yesterday.

1. A phone call from my sweet dear friend, Kathryn. She recently moved to Arkansas, and I do miss her! I treasure our conversations and her prayers for our family.

2. Napping with Kyrie while she nursed. So sweet. She did not want to sleep by herself. I picked her up, and we cuddled in Karston’s bed. She snuggled in and fell right to sleep. This is how I spent any sleeping moments for the first 6 1/2 months of her life. So glad I’m getting good sleep now, but so thankful I could have that time back…if only for a nap.

3. Singing, with Mark, the baptist catechism to our children. We each had one. We walked around the dark room. Our voices filled the room with the Truth of the Lord.


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