Makes Me Happy Monday

So the whole reason I started doing this weekly post is because Mondays are hard. It is hard starting off a new week. Getting back into the swing of things. After taking the Sabbath to rest, the house is a little messier than usual. And usually Monday is the day I do the grocery shopping. And grocery shopping is not my favorite thing. So I thought this weekly post would be great for me to look for the “good” things that happen on Monday. And let me say, that since I started these posts, it has been hard to pick just one thing. I have had amazing Mondays (and it wasn’t because I didn’t have to do the grocery shopping on those Mondays). But today? Well, let’s just say it’s the reason I started the posts. 

So today I am thankful for naps. Because if I wasn’t given a nap today, I’m not sure if I would have made it. But I did. We all did. We made it by the grace of God. And at the end of today, nothing has really been accomplished. The house is messy. There are no groceries. There has been no creating. 

But I am happy. I am happy that we can have a day of just surviving, and at the end of it all God is still God. He still loves us. Mark and I still love each other. We still love Karston and Kyrie. And we will, Lord willing, wake up tomorrow to a new day!


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