Girl clothes

are so much fun to make! I have a whole head full of ideas for clothes to make for Kyrie. I would never have enough time to make her everything I dream up because the ideas are never ending. Nevermind all the beautiful fabric that I just have to use in some way. I still have a long list of things I want to make her, but here’s a few pictures of what I’ve made so far. 

I made this back in June while we were in Longview. I know it’s summery, but I like it.

I have since taken apart the skirt to make the fabric panels horizontal as opposed to vertical. Like it so much better. Will have to take a new picture to show you.


And here’s another really quick and simple dress I made for her. I love it because it was so easy to make, and these little dresses can be worn all year: by themselves in the summer; with a turtleneck + pants in the winter. Plus they can last for years. As dresses for babies and tops for little girls.

I will be making several more of those. Now this next one I am especially proud of….you know why? Because I followed a pattern! Now I know that may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is huge for me. I am much better at making my own designs. I must have read and reread and reread forever! Reading words and then doing what the words said. That was the challenge. (And by the way, this was NOT a hard pattern) I just kept telling myself, “Isn’t it more creative to make your own patterns anyways?” Just trying to make myself feel better. Anyways here it is. 



This was a pattern from the Little Stitches book that I mentioned here. Still really like the book and am looking forward to using more of the patterns. Hopefully I’ll have some more clothes to show you soon!



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5 responses to “Girl clothes

  1. You should enter your work from the Little Stitches book here:

    They’re having a contest for projects done using Amy Butler’s book. Plus, it’s a great website for baby/kid ideas.

    Love the new blog!

  2. Cute clothes, Maegan! You’re very talented 🙂

  3. maemarie

    Thanks Emily!

    And thank you Meghann! Love the website. And now I’m so excited about that contest, I have no idea what to enter.

  4. Hi Maegan,

    I have loved looking at your blog. All of your projects are awesome. I love the little brown dress you made!

    Thanks for sharing your creations!

  5. jarrebear

    I looove the brown dress!

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