Big Project #2

The next big project really didn’t take too much time…at least compared to the others. And it was a change of pace so that was fun for me. It was Karston’s twin bed! Yes, he is a big boy now.



My parents bought him this bed for his birthday. It was unfinished wood, and this was my first time trying the Minwax color stains. The sample looked a little closer to navy at the store. I tried to get the navy by adding a second coat, but that covered the wood grain and just looked like paint. It didn’t look bad, but if I had wanted to look like paint I would have used paint. I am actually very happy with how it turned out. You can see it looks a little distressed on the edges.

Mark said, “It’s a good thing distressed is in right now.” (and that actually refers to big project #3 also) Even if it weren’t in I think I would still want it that way. With children furniture is bound to get knicks and bangs and worn spots, if they are already there I don’t have to get upset when they happen. I can be glad the furniture has even more character!

Karston loves sleeping in his new big bed. Partly because it is Uncle Trey’s- mattress that is. And he loves Uncle Trey. And partly because there are tractor sheets that Nonna bought him. And he loves tractors and Nonna. And partly because he now shares a room with Kiki. And they both love each other and having each other near.


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