I made some lacing cards for Karston a while back. I just made some simple shapes on the computer and printed them off (should have printed them on cardstock because I ended up gluing the paper onto cardstock). I also drew a couple of pictures with plans to do more at a later time. A really quick project. He enjoyed them for that day; then I put them away and forgot about them. I brought them out again yesterday and today. 

As you can see they got bent up (Kyrie wanted to sew too), so it would probably be better to laminate them. I’m not in any rush to laminate them- if they get messed up that’s fine. They were so easy to make. And in the future we will work on the order of sewing. As you can see here on the bird Karston just threaded whatever whole he wanted. I was just proud, and so was he, that he had put his “needle” (tape wrapped around the end of the yarn) up-and-through and down-and-through the holes!


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