Sweet Friends

Well I felt better when I woke up this morning. Better compared to feeling like I was dying last night. I am so glad I went ahead with the visit with friends though. My friend Becca wasn’t able to make the long drive up to Waco, and we missed her dearly. However, we had our friend Anna- which was totally unexpected but most exciting- you see she left back in June for a summer of travels before heading off to Scotland for 9 months. We thought our goodbye was in June, but she stopped through town for one day before the big trip overseas. Out of all the children, Selah had changed the most. Such dear friends. Such sweet times.


Here’s Anna and Dan






And here are the girls at the last visit in May


And here they are today

I told you Selah had grown!

We had so much fun on our adventure to Lake Waco. It’s five minutes from our house, and I’m ashamed to say that we had never been- felt a conviction of being given something beautiful to enjoy and here we are passing it by day by day. We will definitely be going back. Karston and Kyrie both loved the sand and the water. Karston surprised me by “swimming” on his belly by walking his hands along the bottom of the lake. I can’t wait to go back and take their daddy with us. I know he will find joy in their joy. And it will allow for more creative photography with two parents present!


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  1. Crystal

    Love your blog!! Its fun to see what goes through your head. And the little moments we all cherish that are rarely put into words. You are making me want to start one. Have a happy Thursday.

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